Photographer Bios:

     Matt Nichols is an award-winning Photographer + Videographer who instinctively senses the drama of a moment, the beauty of your love... to artfully create a lifetime of memories. For you and you alone.

     Providing a fun and fashionable wedding experience for today's sophisticated couples is what Matt Nichols does best. He's not just a photographer—he's an artist with lens and light. Matt's wedding work has been published dozens of times in publications like The Knot, KC Weddings, KC Magazine among others. His "Real Weddings" photography are featured in many national publications (one time 4 of the 5 Real Weddings issue featured in The Knot magazine were solely his). The photography studio was selected as Top 10% Best Photo Studios in the nation by a survey of "The Knot" brides and more than 50% of wedding bookings are from past client referrals. "We LOVE referrals!" Most recently his studio was selected as a one of the Top 20 Best Wedding Photographers in Kansas City.

     His experience of shooting over 400 weddings reminds him of how important your event is, and how many hours go into planning your perfect day. "It's one of the most important days of your lives and I take great care in capturing it for you. I want to tell the story of your day from getting ready with your peeps, to partying like a rock star into the wee hours of the night." say's Matt.

Frame your love story in style. This is your time. This is your love. Make it everlasting with Nichols & Co. Photography.

     We have several talented Associate Photographers on staff looking to expand their experience while providing the highest quality photography and unmatched personal service. Make sure you contact us to inquire about their availability and get information on pricing and services. You can view their portfolios above under “Associate Photographers”.

Jenny: Her passion for capturing that special moment has made Jenny one of the most popular photographers in the Kansas City area.

Whether it be that memorable moment at a wedding or that special milestone in a family, she has used her camera lens to document images that will last a lifetime.

Jenny’s journey in photography began at a young age when she inherited her grandfather’s camera and began experimenting with it with the help of her father. Together, they would go on photo shoots, capturing everyday life. Jenny immediately showed a talent for capturing emotion and relationships, and was convinced that photography would one day become her career.

Every day brings a new challenge and new excitement. Jenny is in demand as a wedding photographer, but that only starts to define her talents. She also does family portraits, and as a pet lover (and the mom of two Labs), she loves capturing the humor and special bond between pets and their owners.

Whatever the subject, Jenny works hard to come up with that unique photo, while making the experience relaxed and fun.

"Traveling and photography are my two greatest passions in life. I am truly blessed to be able to combine them." Originally from Kansas City, Dani has traveled all over the world! She has visited 16 different countries.

"My favorite places I've been to were Thailand, Greece, and Costa Rica. Through traveling I've been able to experience amazing things like riding on the back of an elephant through the northern Thai mountains, haggling with locals at The Grand Bazar in Istanbul, and scuba diving with amazing creatures to the deepest depths in the Caribbean." Dani strives to show everyone the beauty of the world through the lens of her camera.

What is more beautiful than love? Dani loves to capture the beauty of those quiet still moments between a couple on their wedding day. She values the open discussion of your expectations and wedding day needs prior to the shoot, in order to make your day as seamless as possible. "The honor of being your wedding photographer inspires me." says Dani.